Friday, September 24, 2004

What a Fucking Mess!

I am starting to appriciate my husband's curse of cleaning. Yesterday I was completely wiped out with cramps and a 3 year old and didn't get the house straightened before bed. Now I am going to live the reprocussions of this. Here is a preliminary list of chores I HAVE to complete today.

  1. Load and Run Dishwasher (done)
  2. Wipe down all counters/table.
  3. Sweep/Mop kitchen floor.
  4. Pack up 85% of all kids toys.
  5. Vacuum Randi and Thomas' Room
  6. Move Beds from Bunk to side-by-side.
  7. Sweep/Mop Kennedi's Room.
  8. My office is horrible. I need to clean it out and make room for the TV again----no tv in kids rooms!
  9. Laundry, fold, and PUT AWAY!
  10. Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum.
  11. Clean out piggie cage

Ok, so this is just a starting point, but I already have doubts about my abilities to do this. Yesterday was a HELL day with me and the kids. I am tired of screaming, so I am taking all of the toys and packing them up. They are going to have to learn to behave and get along before they can start getting their stuff back.