Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I think I'm addicted.....

MAFSStuff 001
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My partner just received in the Make a Friend Swap at craftster. I think I am addicted to swapping, and the best part is when my partner receives their package! Too much fun, indeed.

I made her a set of Pac-Man dishcloths, which I am quite proud of. I really like knitting dishcloths as you get a final product pretty quickly. Which is good considering I knit so slowly. :) I made a couple of mistakes, but I like to think of them as 'happy accidents'. Gives it character.

I've signed up for another swap, too. Its the Because We Miss Harry Potter swap. I've always wanted to do a Harry Potter swap, and when this one came up, I just couldn't resist! My partner in that swap is leaving soon for a trip to Paris, so she has been busily crafting away. I've got my ideas lined out, just waiting on some supplies to arrive.

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Melissa said...

I love love LOVE my Pac Man dishcloths so much! I think I'm addicted to swapping too; you've spoiled me!!