Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Another day, another opportunity.

Hmmm. I ought to start thinking this way and embrace the good fortune that I have. I am an intelligent person, and I am not needed at home as much as I would like. I am needed in the workforce. Although I would love to do my crafts full time, I know that it is unrealistic of me to expect to be able to do it at this time. Times are too tough, and my husband is cracking under the pressure. Justin called me last night and said that he can get me a job up at the hospital. I hope this is the case, even though I interviewed with them 3 weeks ago and they chose not to hire me. I did tell them that I only wanted part time. This position is full time, three 12 hour shifts a week. Sounds good, I am just worried that I won't be able to work a 12 hour shift. It is secretarial work in the ER. And I would be working with Liz. She's cool, nice, just a different type of person than who I am used to being around. But, change is good. You grow from change. I certainly have only grown fatter as I sit on my ass.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Good Reads

I recently finished reading The Great Tree of Avalon: Child of the Dark Prophecy. This was one of those books that once I started, it was hard to put down. The first day I got it I read over 100 pages! The characters are great, the story-line was easy to follow. I love that I got a bookmark with the map of Avalon, which made it easier to understand alot of what was going on.

This book is set in a new world that Merlin the Wizard created. It is a little hard to follow and reason how exactly they live on a huge tree that is as big as earth. Some of the directions got confusing to me, but other than that I followed the plot easily. I love the different types of creatures that T.A. Barron created and am eager to read the next installment!

Friday, September 24, 2004

What a Fucking Mess!

I am starting to appriciate my husband's curse of cleaning. Yesterday I was completely wiped out with cramps and a 3 year old and didn't get the house straightened before bed. Now I am going to live the reprocussions of this. Here is a preliminary list of chores I HAVE to complete today.

  1. Load and Run Dishwasher (done)
  2. Wipe down all counters/table.
  3. Sweep/Mop kitchen floor.
  4. Pack up 85% of all kids toys.
  5. Vacuum Randi and Thomas' Room
  6. Move Beds from Bunk to side-by-side.
  7. Sweep/Mop Kennedi's Room.
  8. My office is horrible. I need to clean it out and make room for the TV again----no tv in kids rooms!
  9. Laundry, fold, and PUT AWAY!
  10. Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum.
  11. Clean out piggie cage

Ok, so this is just a starting point, but I already have doubts about my abilities to do this. Yesterday was a HELL day with me and the kids. I am tired of screaming, so I am taking all of the toys and packing them up. They are going to have to learn to behave and get along before they can start getting their stuff back.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Looking Glass Tattoo and Gallery

My brother's girlfriend, Judith, is opening a shop, title above. She is having major problems with the Kansas State Board of Cosmotology getting her license. We think it is because the co-owner of one of the TWO shops in town in on the Board. I feel it is a great conflict of interest for this person to serve on this board. Here is an article where they boast about how they were the ones to get the law passed and how they ran all of the other businesses out of town/state.

"He saw a marked decrease of tattooists in Kansas after the regulation passed.
"They left the state like rafts leaving a sinking ship," he said, as he filled in a Harley-Davidson tattoo on the left arm of St. George resident Cliff Mahan."

Hell yeah they saw a marked decrease...because you have to go through his WIFE to get a license. Also, as the statute dictates....you must attend a board certified school to recieve this license, however, they have not approved any schools, anywhere. Which leaves you to the other option of apprenticing under a licensed instructor.....guess who.....yup owners of fat line tattoo. Humph!

Anyway, she is an artist and plans to open her gallery until she gets her license. I gave her a set of Marble Magnets, and she said she may consign some of my stuff.... YEAH BABY. My things I think I can make to sell are:

Marble Magnet sets.
AOL CD candle holders
Lighted Blender fishtank...

Sunday, July 25, 2004

I wanna do these projects.....

Ok, so alot of these will probably NOT get done, but I still have to put all of my ideas down somewhere.....so......:

1. A-line Mini Skirt: I am drafting my own pattern for this, I got a whole bunch of black fabric from Goodwill the other day, and when I get some hot pink thread I plan to put it together. EDIT: I bought some black thread tonight, I am thinking of using pink embroidery thread for some sort of accent. Maybe applique something on it????

2. Finish hem (tie waist?) for sheet skirt.

3. Mini-Duffles: These would make good gifts, I haven't decided on a fabric yet....

4. Pleated Mini: I need to loose about 20 lbs before i can make wone from me, but Angela could sooo pull this look off.

5. Stuffed Felt Monsters: I have the felt for this project, I want to design my own monster, I need to sit down and get this going...

6. Messenger Bag: I took apart a coat I got from the Goodwill store, this really great grey/brown color.......with a lining that I can use to line the bag. I've never done a bag of this magnitude, with lining and all, I'm sure it will take a while to start this project. I really need some interfacing so my bag stands up, so will wait for the $ to roll in :(

7. Lacoste top: I have cut up a blue, red, and white striped shirt to do this project, I just need matching thread.

8. Knotted Shag & 'Strung Shag' Rag Rugs I think that I can make a 'loom' to do this on...

9. Knitting Needle Case

10. Fall Wrap

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Camping in the Rain......We are.....camping in the rain!

What were we thinking?  Our wonderful weekend plans turned bad when the rain started this morning.  It is pouring down rain and we are trying to camp at Lake Clinton, near Lawrence, KS.  I woke up to dripping  water on my face and found the campsite destroyed by water and wind.  I was looking forward to swimming all day at the beach and getting a little sun, but looks like I can kiss that hope good-bye.  Rain Rain Go away come again another day!  This season is super wet, I hope that means we get a ton of snow this winter.  It would be nice to get SOME heat this summer.  I haven't had to water my garden but maybe twice because it rains almost every morning. 

On the other hand, we have had a lot of fun so far.  We took the kids to the beach for about an hour yesterday.  We had a blast and Kennedi finally got the courage to get in the water.  Kayden absolutely is a water baby, he was going under and everything!  We wore the kids out good last night and us a-dults drank the night away.  Travis and Ange came out, and she really is pretty cool.  Trav and Malcolm hit it off (who doesn't hit it off with Malcolm?) and they talked all night.  Jason got hammered and Kristi had to show him 'whats up'. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

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