Saturday, July 24, 2004

Camping in the Rain......We are.....camping in the rain!

What were we thinking?  Our wonderful weekend plans turned bad when the rain started this morning.  It is pouring down rain and we are trying to camp at Lake Clinton, near Lawrence, KS.  I woke up to dripping  water on my face and found the campsite destroyed by water and wind.  I was looking forward to swimming all day at the beach and getting a little sun, but looks like I can kiss that hope good-bye.  Rain Rain Go away come again another day!  This season is super wet, I hope that means we get a ton of snow this winter.  It would be nice to get SOME heat this summer.  I haven't had to water my garden but maybe twice because it rains almost every morning. 

On the other hand, we have had a lot of fun so far.  We took the kids to the beach for about an hour yesterday.  We had a blast and Kennedi finally got the courage to get in the water.  Kayden absolutely is a water baby, he was going under and everything!  We wore the kids out good last night and us a-dults drank the night away.  Travis and Ange came out, and she really is pretty cool.  Trav and Malcolm hit it off (who doesn't hit it off with Malcolm?) and they talked all night.  Jason got hammered and Kristi had to show him 'whats up'. 

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