Sunday, February 17, 2008

New addition to the family!

I can hear the collective "Awwww!" now!

Karl and I have been looking for a puppy for about 6 months now. We were very particular in what we wanted, so it took a while to find just the right pup. Well, last weekend, I got up early Sunday morning and read the paper and found someone who had 5 brindle Boxer boys. I could barely contain myself! Karl was supposed to be sleeping in, so I waited patiently until about 7:30 when he got up to go to the bathroom. I very slowly explained that someone had advertised puppies in the paper, and when he woke up we should call. Well, that was it for him! He was wide awake and as excited as I was. After a long day of waiting, we finally got a call back and were given directions to the farm. It was about 95 miles away, so we loaded up the kids, grabbed some movies for them to watch, and headed off. When we got to the farm, the kids were in hog heaven. The nice owners were kind enought to answer all of their questions on farm life and raising dogs. They showed them the corn burning stove, which just amazed Thomas. He had no idea you could burn corn for fuel. Anyway, the minute we saw Leo, we knew he was the one. He slept on my lap on the way home, and I was smitten.

He was so excited to meet Jolee, that he needed a little rest. Look at his little white nose and toes!

"Are you my Mother?"

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Melissa said...

Hi! I love your blog...and what a cute puppy!! He does look like he could get into some trouble though, lol. I know my adorable pup STAYS in trouble!