Saturday, January 05, 2008

Its Been A While

Wow, I finally got access to this blog after forgetting all of my log in info and moving email address'. To be honest, I didn't really try until the other day.

Anyway, so much has changed since I wrote last. I no longer get to stay at home with the kidlets. I am the Guest Service Manager at the Topeka Ramada Hotel and Convention Center. Matter of fact, I am writing now from work. Yes, it is 5:00 am and I am still awake from last night. :)

My babies are all getting big. My oldest is 11, middle is 9, and the youngest is 7. Holy Moly how time flys!

I still spend most all of my free time crafting. I've perfected my crocheting abilities, and have recently started working on learning to knit. So far I've completed one washcloth. I'm so very proud of myself!

I am currently working on a Dark Mark Illusion Scarf. I've completed the first chart and am working on chart #2. I've actually put it down for a bit as I wanted to complete a Calorimetry, but I think I may frog that one and finish what I've started. Nothing like having 10 projects going at once.

I've also found the best website ever! Ravelry is where I spend most of my time, anymore. I still frequent Craftster daily, but I just love love love the organizational tools Ravelry has to offer.

So long for now!

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