Monday, August 30, 2004

Looking Glass Tattoo and Gallery

My brother's girlfriend, Judith, is opening a shop, title above. She is having major problems with the Kansas State Board of Cosmotology getting her license. We think it is because the co-owner of one of the TWO shops in town in on the Board. I feel it is a great conflict of interest for this person to serve on this board. Here is an article where they boast about how they were the ones to get the law passed and how they ran all of the other businesses out of town/state.

"He saw a marked decrease of tattooists in Kansas after the regulation passed.
"They left the state like rafts leaving a sinking ship," he said, as he filled in a Harley-Davidson tattoo on the left arm of St. George resident Cliff Mahan."

Hell yeah they saw a marked decrease...because you have to go through his WIFE to get a license. Also, as the statute must attend a board certified school to recieve this license, however, they have not approved any schools, anywhere. Which leaves you to the other option of apprenticing under a licensed instructor.....guess who.....yup owners of fat line tattoo. Humph!

Anyway, she is an artist and plans to open her gallery until she gets her license. I gave her a set of Marble Magnets, and she said she may consign some of my stuff.... YEAH BABY. My things I think I can make to sell are:

Marble Magnet sets.
AOL CD candle holders
Lighted Blender fishtank...

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Amy Jo said...

Good news! After meeting with the head of the Board, they have decided to let her get 30 more well documented tattoo's and she will be able to take the test. Woo hooo! WTG Judy! LOLOLOL