Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Another day, another opportunity.

Hmmm. I ought to start thinking this way and embrace the good fortune that I have. I am an intelligent person, and I am not needed at home as much as I would like. I am needed in the workforce. Although I would love to do my crafts full time, I know that it is unrealistic of me to expect to be able to do it at this time. Times are too tough, and my husband is cracking under the pressure. Justin called me last night and said that he can get me a job up at the hospital. I hope this is the case, even though I interviewed with them 3 weeks ago and they chose not to hire me. I did tell them that I only wanted part time. This position is full time, three 12 hour shifts a week. Sounds good, I am just worried that I won't be able to work a 12 hour shift. It is secretarial work in the ER. And I would be working with Liz. She's cool, nice, just a different type of person than who I am used to being around. But, change is good. You grow from change. I certainly have only grown fatter as I sit on my ass.

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