Friday, February 22, 2008

Captain Destructo

Ok, so I know I really do love my puppy. But today he was very, very bad. I was busy working on my swap package for my partner in the Make a Friend Swap, when I had to put my work down to make dinner. All of the sudden, my youngest daughter said, "Momma, whats this?" as she holds up one end of my ball of yarn. Needless to say, it was too late for the needles.... He's lucky he's cute.

Speaking of the Make a Friend Swap, I'm almost finished with my package, and hope to send by Monday. Just in case Miss Melissa is stalking........ here's a peek:


Melissa said...

hehe I'm busted! I AM stalking you...LOL~ I can relate to this craftastrophe because my little dog Tyler is know for stealing yarn and tangling it up all throughout the house as he chases it up and down the stairs and around the living room. I can't wait to get your package~knitted items!!! WOW!! I'm not brave enough to send something I've knitted yet. I'm so excited about this swap! :)

Amy Jo said...

Yeah, the pressure of it being a swap item helped me to be more careful. Once I get going now, its getting easier. :)

Melissa said... the middle picture the stitch markers? And what is the beautiful powder blue knitted item? Hmmm...:)

Melissa said...

OH! I just realized the blue is one of the Pacman ghosts! hehe I just can't get over how cute these are.